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Preparing for ABRSM and Trinity Music Exams in Singapore

There are so many musicians who are dreaming of passing the Trinity music exams. However, Trinity College music exams are never easy. It requires years of practice and high levels of knowledge on the instrument that you are playing. If you want to pass the Trinity piano music exams, you should certainly have to make preparations. You need to give your full dedication. There are so many things that you should do before you take the tests and if you want a guarantee, here are some of the tips that you may consider for you to get the passing score.  

Get an ABRSM Accredited Piano Teacher in Singapore

Whether you want to pass the Trinity music exams or you feel that you need to prepare for the ABRSM music exams, it would always be best to get an ABRSM accredited piano teacher in Singapore. They have all the knowledge that you need to pass the test. They have managed to pass the same phase before and they are really the ones who can help you. Also, with an experienced person, you will be able to pass all the levels – from grades 1 to 8. They may give you pieces of advice on how you can pass both examinations, too. 

Buy All of the Required Piano Music Materials 

Getting through the Trinity music exams is considered as a major achievement for pianists, as well as passing the ABRSM music exams. Since it is that big of a deal, you should also expect that you will be required to exert huge efforts to pass the tests. It would be best if you invest your money in getting piano music materials such as books. You will not be able to pass the exams without ample knowledge about the field. Do your best to study and understand all the things that you must focus on for you to achieve the results that you are aiming for. 

Check Out Online Exercises and Theory Lessons 

Whenever you go online, see to it that you allot some of your time looking for Trinity music exam syllabus. There are so many online exercises and theory lessons that you can get for free. If you encounter web users or bloggers who have passed the Trinity music exams for piano, grab that opportunity and ask if you can borrow some of their materials. If you have more time, you may also try to look for e-books appropriate for the grade that you are applying for. Finally, do not just have these materials as stocks. Take time to read and understand them. 

Make a Checklist and Promote Time Management 

If you really want to pass the Trinity College music exams, learn how to manage your time and dedicate a few hours of each day for studying. Make a list of the lessons that you need to study. Finally, be confident that you will pass the Trinity music exams no matter how hard it is to do so and the positive results will follow. 

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